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Melnik is your source for standard and custom, height-adjustable, ergonomic work surfaces and desks.


Our modular and highly customizable products are brought to life by great design and engineering based on years of understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.

Melnik Radiology Tables

Ergonomics can mean the difference between a healthy workplace and constant pain. The Melnik Radiology Table provide the best in design for a healthy workplace.

This versatile and customizable table has been engineered based on years of understanding our clients and meeting their needs.

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The Workhorse Heavy Duty Table

With smooth, near silent operation, the linear actuator drive system provides infinite, full range adjustment.

The Manipulator Height Adjustable Table

The Manipulator height adjustable table is highly modular and suited for a wide variety of uses. 


Perfeclynk Technical Table

The Perfeclynk Technical workbench is a robust table suitable for a variety of applications where  open access, unimpeded workspace, and flexibility are required.