School Safety Equipments

Student safety is a priority when training in skills such as wood working, fabrication, and welding. Melnik designs protective guarding, safety devices, and systems specifically for use in high schools and college facilities. Working in partnership with school boards, Melnik has installed these systems which are easy to use and very effective and can be fully modified and customized to meet the requirements of any organization.

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Key Features

  • Capacity rating of 1000 lbs

  • Easily adjusted manually, electrically or air driven

  • Variable height range on requirements with guarding provided

  • Custom top dimensions and footprint available

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Electrical or manual crank

  • Units are shipped assembled, ready to bolt in place

The height range is variable based on the application's requirements with guarding provided per the regulations.

Product Models

Part number: 102-7228-1-1

  • Quad VLP

  • Custom top dimensions and custom foot print based on the customer's aplication.

  • May be manual crank operated or electrically adjusted.

  • Dimension: 68" x 46"

  • Weight: ~550 lbs


  • Welded and assembled by CWB certified welders of heavy wall 5x5 tube, 1/8" mild steel checker plate, with a 1" acme screw drive.

  • Low maintenence is assured by the engineered hanging polymer nut drive system.

  • Range: 3" to 72"

  • Capacity: 1000 lbs