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Seeking to have improved line-side access? Do your staff share workstations throughout the day? Melnik has lift platform options that will solve positioning dilemmas and lead to improved worker comfort and efficiency.

All Melnik lift platforms are fully customizable. Our engineering team incorporates customer design requirements into the models prior to prototyping and production, minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.


Accessibility Lift Platform

The Melnik team of engineers and designers work closely with clients to produce custom accessibility solutions.  We focus on designs that are elegant, cost efficient, and legislatively compliant to ensure persons with disabilities have full access to public and private spaces allowing the opportunity for full participation, and bringing the goal of a barrier-free Canada closer for all.

T-VEC Vertical Lift Column

The T-VEC Electric is a versatile lift platform drive ideal for positioning, trays, small skids, tools and parts for ergonomic access around a shop or manufacturing plant. 

102-8787-1-1B Column Lift WS B.jpeg
stainless steel counterbalance lift platform.jpeg

Lift Platform - Stainless Steel Counterbalance

The pneumatic assist lift provides quick and easy line side height adjustment.

Vertical Lift Platform 

The Vertical Lift Platform is ideal for large footprint and odd shaped applications where lifting tools, equipment or a worker is required. With its positive acme drive system, it excels at accurate platform placement without the use of hydraulics.