Lean Manufacturing Cart

Melnik works collaboratively with Manufacturing Engineers, H & S, Ergonomists, and the operator to develop cost and time effective material handling solutions.


Key Features

Savings are achieved through thoughtful and detailed design which takes the larger view of the Lean objectives.

Product Models

Part number: 164-xxxx-1-1

Download the Lean Manufacturing Cart sampler for a selection of carts designed and manufactured by Melnik for a variety of industrial applications

  • Dimension: 27" x 36" x 42"

  • Weight: ~75 lbs

Part Number: 164-8726-1-1

  • Flexible cart to move luggage, baggage or cartons with ease!

  • Ideally suited for airports, bus stations and courier operations.

  • Range: N/A

  • Capacity: 300 lbs